Get Out Of the Dusk and Increase Your Sales: Everything About Lighting In DIY

Today competition in retail is tougher than it was 10 years ago and the methods…


Lighting Style

Mikhail Gusmanov, founder and CEO of NLT(New Light Technology) Company, an expert in the field…

svet v odegde

RETAIL-LOYALTY: How Lighting Influences Sales in the Clothes Shop

Mikhail Gusmanov, the founder and CEO of NLT (New Light Technology) Company, an expert in…

обзор светильников

MODERN LIGHTING ENGINEERING: Review of the Lamps for Retail Lightning

In this article you will find lamp review and the results of study aimed to…

Освещение холодильников

MODERN LIGHTING ENGINEERING: Lighting for Cooling Facilities

Almost all food-retail shopping spots no matter if they are supermarkets or corner shops, have…

House hold

DIY.RU: Modern Lighting for Households. What is important to know about it?

Electricity saving is a very important part for any household budget making. Every 20% of…


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